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How accurate is a Polygraph Examination?
A Polygraph Examination, administered by a trained and licensed Examiner, is significantly credible when properly administered in specific issue testing. Research by government and independent university studies report the average diagnostic accuracy for detecting deception with the polygraph was similar to diagnosing breast cancer using Magnetic Resonance Imaging or Ultrasound. (P.E. Crewson, Phd, 05-2001) Like any other instrument used as an assesment tool to meausure human physiology, a polygraph instument does have its limitations. Austin Polygraph Services understands this, and stays within the scope of what a Polygraph Examination can determine with a very high degree of confidence.

What if I am really nervous?
This is a very common question. Mr. Skolnik will work with you in the Pre-Test Interview to reduce your nervous and anxiety level before the actual Data Collection Phase begins. As the instrument measures changes in pulse rates, respiratory patterns, and skin surface resistance, any nervousness will be considered as a part of your "Base Line", and will not affect the outcome of the Examination.

How will I be treated during the Examination?
Mr. Skolnik uses a friendly, non-accusatory approach to the Polygraph experience to reduce anxiety, and set a potential examinee at ease. Mr. Skolnik has been trained and is experienced in conducting examinations in a fair and impartial manner, and will spend as much time as is necessary to explain all phases of the Examination process, so that you have a clear understanding of how the Polygraph works, even before the Examination begins.

What does a Polygraph Examination cost?
The cost of a Polygraph Examination varies, according to what the relevant issue is, whether or not there is pending litigation, if the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 applies, any potential travel by the Examiner, and other concerns. Fees for Polygraph Examinations begin at $375.00. There is a $100.00 NON REFUNDABLE Deposit required to book an appointment. Of course, the Deposit is applied to the total fee, at the time of the Examination. The appointment can be secured via the PayPal link to be found on the home page on this site. The $100.00 Deposit is Non Refundable, without exception. Once confirmation of the deposit is received from PayPal, the appointment may be confirmed. Call (512) 576-8939 for more details.

What is the Employee Polygraph Protection Act?
Passed by Congress in 1988, the Employee Polygraph Protection Act, or EPPA, as it is known, provides for very strict use of polygraph in the commercial sector, unless your business is in an "Exempted" class. The Act is quite complex, and any employer considering the use of Polygraph as an investigative tool, would be well advised to contact an experienced and informed Examiner before moving forward. Austin Polygraph Services provides EPPA Consultations for a reasonable fee, which can be applied toward the cost of any subsequent testing done.

Is Polygraph information admissible at Trial?
Polygraph information IS admissible in court. Case law established in 1999 allows polygraph information to be presented in court, excluding actual test results. This means that statements made by the examinee during the pretest and post-test portions of the exam, including admissions of guilt or other evidentiary information, are admissable. Austin Polygraph Services uses Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment formats which have accuracy rates, as calculated through research and validation studies, of 90-95%

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